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Welcome to 365games.co.uk! We are an independent video games retailer based in the United Kingdom and have been trading successfully for over ten years. 365games.co.uk sells a variety of games, gaming accessories, toys, gifts, gadgets, clothing and collectables at excellent value!

Our History

What started from a single eBay store in 2004 rapidly grew to multiple sites across many countries.

365games.co.uk launched in 2007 selling video games, not just to the UK, but to various other countries around the world - and just to give you an insight to how long ago this was - we was selling PlayStation One and Gameboy games! Due to our early success, in 2009, we expanded our range of products to film, selling DVDs and Blu-ray. We also expanded our team to provide better support for our customers.

In early 2011, the voices of our loyal PC gamers was heard, who wanted more than just games. So we provided a wide range of tech, from gaming keyboards & mice to audio devices and PC software, and again, expanding our team to maintain excellent customer support.

This led us into 2012, the 5th year of success with 365games.co.uk, also the year the PS Vita & Wii U were released. To celebrate our success, we expanded our gaming range to much more than just video games and stocked a massive range of board & card games, because let's face it, off screen gaming is just as fun! By this time, our team grew to over 40 people.

By 2013, we provided our customers with an even larger variety of products, including collectables & gaming merchandise, from figurines and graphic novels, to posters and strategy guides. Our team grew to over 60 people and in May 2013, 365games.co.uk was recognised as one of The UK's Fastest Growing Indies by MCV.

Later this year, we acquired 3.5 acres of prime commercial land and are investing £4.5 million over the next three to five years to develop the site to provide 365games.co.uk the ability to grow even more in the coming years.

In 2014, we expanded our clothing & collectable range further, and our team grew to over 70 people. We also made it to the finalists of the MCV Awards 2014 for the Online Independent Retailer Award.

This brings us to 2015, a big year for 365games.co.uk, where our main focus is to make your shopping experience as useful and hassle-free as possible!



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